Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Corporation is a company American active on five continents as part of the Forbes 500 . It manufactures self- adhesive products (such as self- adhesive labels), office equipment, and various paper products, as well as marking equipment for large-scale distribution. It was R. Stanton Avery who founded Avery in 1935 . Avery Dennison Corporation was founded in 1990 by the merger of Avery and Dennison (Dennison was founded in 1844 by Aaron Lufkin Dennison.


The company is organized into three segments:

  • The segment of self-adhesive products, manufacture and sale of rolls of raw material, graphic films, retro-reflective products for roads, special polymers and extruded films .
  • The Office Products and Consumer Products segment manufactures and sells various office and private products such as labels, filing cabinets and writing instruments.
  • The distribution and information service produces and sells price marking systems, self-adhesive label printers for the production of barcodes , textile labels, printed labels as well as supplies and equipment therefor.


March 22, 2007, Avery Dennison said it will buy the company Paxar , also specialist in the field of the label for $ 1.3 billion & 2 .

In September 2016, Avery Dennison announced the acquisition of Hanita Coatings, an Israeli company owned by Kibbutz Hanita 75 million